Models of underwear for men

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are the most popular male underwear. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Boxer briefs have elastic at the waist and legs so they fit snugly. They are usually made from cotton, nylon, or elastane. The main difference between boxer briefs and other types of men’s underwear is that boxer briefs have an extra layer of fabric covering the front and sides of the body. This extra layer prevents some people from feeling exposed when wearing boxer briefs. It also helps to keep boxer briefs in place during physical activity.


Briefs are shorter than boxers briefs and usually a bit tighter. The term tight whities is a pair of white briefs that was very popular in the 90's. Still very common among the more mature men around the world.


Jockstraps are a type of athletic supporter worn by men to alleviate chafing and irritation. They are designed to be worn while working out, bodybuilding, or any other activity that results in friction on the skin. Jockstraps are typically made of cotton and elastic material similar to boxer shorts, but they are cut at a higher waist and have wide straps that do not sit on the hips like traditional underwear. They can be worn with or without clothing.


Even though most might think of thongs associated with womens underwear, it's also worn by men. Thongs has less fabric and usually doesn't cover the whole behind 🍑

Boxer shorts

The classic loose fit underwear that's been Americas favourite for years and years. Comes in a variety of materials like satin and cotton.